Scully Fan Art
Jeen lih lun scully render s
Jeen lih lun scully plain s
Jeen lih lun scully pwireframe s
Jeen lih lun peachfuzz
Jeen lih lun eyes
Jeen lih lun setup
Jeen lih lun scully render post s


Scully Fan Art

Hi, this is my first attempt to create a realistic portrait render. I watched X files a while back and Scully is really my favourite character in that series :)
This face is sculpted in Zbrush, hair is made in Maya (nhair), using Mental Ray fast skin shader. Peach fuzz is created with Fibremesh in Zbrush and imported in Maya for rendering. Brows and eyelashes are modelled, manually planted on the face to achieve the desired direction and shape. Lastly a little bit of level/ saturation tweak, lens blur and background work in Photoshop.
Any critique is very welcomed as I know there are still a lot to improve on this piece. Hope you like it anyway.

*Update: Post process is added to the last image, thanks to Dan O and Dan C my lovely colleagues for giving me valuable advice :)

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